This article has few straight forward fixes which the migration document failed to mention or the fixes are in some other documents.

Step 1: Storybook Package upgrade

npx sb upgrade

Step 2: Angular and dependency Package upgrade

ng update @angular/core@12 @angular/cli@12**If you are using angular material**
ng update @angular/material

Now lets come to the issues:

  • when you run the project following the migration guide…

There are times when you are working on big feature and want to test your code compatibility with the other code and there are time when your unfinished code has to be pushed to the main branch to support some other dependent functionalities. The issue is now you want to hide these unfinished functionalities from end user till it’s completed. Here comes Azure feature flag to the rescue, Azure feature flags allows you to enable/disable a feature dynamically rather than hardcoding it in the app.

A feature flag is a boolean value that you set in an external system. The…

Though Angular is an amazing framework to develop a web application, there comes a time when the application becomes soo huge that it’s not easy to understand or map the flow of data or how the app is structured from a birds view. This is the case when enterprise apps come into the scope.

I was also a part of team where we faced this issue. As our application got bigger we slowly started loosing control over the bundle size of application which further started impacting page performance and the moment we started debugging the issue we realised that it’s…

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